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Move often, move well.

The CF box for the everybody and the endurance athlete, Experience Momentum’s 4030 CrossFit is Physical Therapist and Triathlete backed prescribing safe, functional, and effective core strength and conditioning movements designed to optimize your flexibility, strength, coordination, agility, balance, accuracy, power, speed, stamina, cardiovascular endurance, and restoration. It’s time for you to reach your next level of fitness.


Run fast. Run far. Run Strong..

Perform and achieve your running and endurance goals through Seattle's only cross-training/CrossFit Endurance style running class lead by Physical Therapy Doctors. You cannot afford a season without this runner specific strength and conditioning class, blended with weights lifting, core/hip strength, and efficiency techniques to break through your PR.


Heart rate based training with MyZones technology.

With such precision, you can safely push your cardio, strength, and power to a level of intensity you’ve yet to tap. Take pace on one of our spin bikes, or bring you own to hammer on one of our trainers and experience why our periodized training program will bring a whole new paradigm to your weight loss and performance needs. Are you ready to reach your goals?


An exploration of mindful movement and meditation...for all levels.

Lengthen and strengthen your muscles producing overall balance, flexibility, and posture while reducing stress. Whether you take our Beginner’s or Level 2/3 Flow classes, you will learn the moves at your pace, experiencing every benefit of Yoga regardless of level


Enhance Performance. Improve Results. Prevent Injury.

Whether you are a weekend warrior, endurance athlete or CrossFit enthusiast, Yoga for Athletes is a must in your weekly routine. In this class, you won't put your foot behind your head, but you will improve your shoulder range of motion to enhance your front rack position. You will improve your hip mobility to generate more power when you're on the saddle. This class is a must for anyone looking to excel in performance.


From balance to burpees, BodyFit will transform your fitness.

Whether you are new to fitness or a CrossFit junkie needing something a little different, Experience Momentum’s BodyFit harnesses callisthenic (bodyweight) movements to empower your fitness at your level of performance. From our Level I to our H.I.I.T series, you will be able to evolve your fitness through this highly dynamic circuit training class.